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Australian owned and operated manufacturer of state-of-the-art spraying systems.

Producing the world's first remote controlled retractable hose reel system in 1988, Quik Spray is the preferred choice of spray units for farmers, councils, contractors and nurseries.9TBE Twin Reel Quik Spray Unit

With innovation, valuable expertise and the highest quality service, we produce superior equipment suited to the harsh Australian environment and have earned the reputation as the No.1 spraying system on the market!


Halve Your Spraying Time

Our easy-to-use, remote control retractable hose reel with Supa-Slip hose, means no more manual winding and no more hose kinks. So you can easily cut your spraying time in half!

High Quality and Heavy Duty

We have been producing this equipment for over 27 years and still have original units woking in the field- just read our Testimonial page! We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and ensure we make them built-to-last.

Customer Service

Our longevity in the spraying market has been built on excellent customer service. From technical questions to spare parts, we have dedicated people who ensure you get what is needed, with the fastest-possible turnaround.

Australian Made

All Quik Spray units are fabricated and assembled right here in Australia. We are proud to be a company that is still providing an increasing number of jobs in the manufacturing sector and are committed to keeping all processes right here in Australia.



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We can help you create a unique spraying (or hose reel) solution that works for you

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