Quik Spray delivers Custom Pest Spraying Units to Brisbane City Council

Quik Spray has recently delivered two Custom integrated pest spraying units to Brisbane City Council.

The units replaced older standard Quik Spray models and introduced complete integration and functionality for spraying, stowage and functional operation.

The company worked closely with purchasing and the operators to provide a solution that covered Council’s specific requirements and provided value added solutions, utilising our experience in the manufacture of premium spraying equipment and market leading body building techniques.

Features Overview:

- 1 X 12VS Quik Spray Reel with dual pump option
Custom built lockers for stowage
Curbside control panel for safe and central operation
Charging outlets for back packs
OHS compliant ingress and egress points with three points of contact

For more information on this unit and our complete range of spraying equipment please call 1800 645 688

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