12 Volt Range - 12VS

Adapt your spray system and add in a remote-controlled hose reel!

The 12VS model is a versatile ‘reel only’ radio remote controlled retractable unit that easily attaches to your existing spray equipment. An ideal replacement for your existing manual reel, to upgrade to a powered one.

Double Your Productivity, without any extra effort

You’ll benefit from increased productivity and reduced fatigue while spraying, as you’ll no longer have to wind in the hose. The remote control enables the operator to cover twice as much area, in the same amount of time.

*12-volt motors are not recommended to assist the operator up hills.

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Technical Specification

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  • Dimensions
  •   12VS BASE
    Length (mm) 905  718
    Width (mm) 391  378
    Height (mm) 745  
    Dry Weight (kg) 51  
  • Specification
  • Motor: 12 volt 1/3 HP high-power low-rev motor
    Power Source: 4m twin core flex with clamp set to fit your vehicle 12V battery
    Reels and hose: Stand-alone hose reel with up to 150m of 3/8”ID Supa-Slip® hose 1000psi BP
    Framework: Easy bolt-down points with resilient powder-coated framework
    Override: Manual override button for powered retraction, without the remote control
    Roller Head: Hose feed in and out at 180° allows for one-person operation, from any angle
    Swivel: High-pressure ball bearing style stainless steel swivel
    Accessories: T400 spray guns (optional accessory)

    Wanting to upgrade from a manual reel to a powered one? The 12VS is the one for you!


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