Evolution of Quik Spray

Customer with Quik Spray: Luke Maloney

Problem Solving

At the core of the invention of the Quik Spray system was the need to fix a complex problem when weed spraying.

Contract weed sprayers with years of experience managing long lengths of hose in rough terrain and arduous conditions became increasingly frustrated with the wasted time and energy and damage to equipment when spraying noxious weeds.

Finding a Solution

The answer was a remote controlled retractable hose reel spraying system that was built to last in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. In 1982 the first prototypes were built and after rigorous testing in the field, were released onto the market.

Since this time, the Quik Spray range has been continuously developed and refined, resulting in our reputation as the No.1 hose reel spraying systems available on the market today.

Innovation and Service

Our company prides itself on its exceptional sales and customer service and we believe we back up the worlds best spraying system with world class technical support and customer service.


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