Small business tax write off for farm machinery


Treasurer Scott Morrison has extended the current instant asset write-off for assets up to $20,000 until 1 July 2018. This means you can invest in new tools and machinery for your small business!

What does this mean for Small Businesses?

Small businesses with a turnover of less than $10 million can immediately tax deduct any item costing less than $20,000.  This allows you to immediately claim depreciation on every asset you purchase rather than claiming the deductions over a number of years.

How does this help you?

This means you can buy anything used for running your business. From cars, equipment, tools, machinery... even a new Quik Spray! You can use the tax-write off on as many individual items as you want.

Now is the time to invest in the Quik Spray you've always wanted! Or you can upgrade your current unit to a new one. Take advantage of the generous Small Business package the government is offering. Contact our friendly team today for more information on 1800 784 577.


"...About as good as it can get"

23 February 2017

It was a pleasure to meet Robert Pedersen today as he stopped by to collect his new Quik Spray. After nine solid years with his original unit, it was finally time to upgrade to a newer model.

He arrived back to our office with the original unit strapped onto his Ute, and it was already sold to a new owner before we’d had a chance to remove the tie-downs.

“We’ve had it a while, something like 9 years. We’re on about 45,000 acres. There’s a lot of weeds, and more and more come through all the time, so it gets a lot of use” said Mr. Pedersen’s wife. Running the fourth generation family property in Rolleston, North Queensland with 4,000 head of cattle has certainly kept Mr. Pedersen and his son very busy.

After recognising the Quik Spray name around his local area Mr. Pedersen said “I’d seen them around you know, a lot of the councils have them and I’d seen them at the Ag show in Toowoomba. We thought about it for a few years before we got one” he said with a chuckle.

“I had an old Croplands once, but it didn’t have the wind up hose reel. I had to reel it in myself! Just winding the reels back is half the problem when you get (the hoses) all the way out”.  With the remote controlled reel retraction, the Quik Spray has saved this farmer a lot of time and energy over the years, by doing the hard work for him. No more back-breaking time spent winding on long lengths of hose.

But it’s not just the reel retraction that he is pleased about. “A lot of the hoses you know, they kink all the time, but with these you don’t get that”, as he pointed to the Supa-Slip hose. Our hose is manufactured to be lightweight and is made is glide easily around trees, rocks and obstacles without catching or kinking. As the operator is working at the end of the hose, the hose cannot become tangled or caught.

“I don’t use it like a contractor uses it, but it gets used when I need it. It’s about as good as it can get, I think. It’s certainly a good unit!” Robert said. 


Quik Spray Takes National Agriculture Innovation Award

25 October 2016

Quik Spray have walked away with the NAB Agribusiness Awards of Excellence at the Australian National Field Days in Orange over the weekend.

This was in recognition of our innovative design of the Solid EF Wetting Agent Dispenser.  The award was decided by a panel of six judges with Quik Spray being presented the award by ANFD Chairman Dan Toohey and State Manager of the NAB Agribusiness James Nash at the prestigious Field Days event.

Founded in the agricultural industry, Quik Spray was delighted to be recognised for our ongoing relationship with the farming industry. Up against five other entries, Quik Corp was delighting to win two out of five categories.

Assessed on criteria including innovation, application to Australian agriculture, value for money and ease of use, the Solid Eco-Foam wetting agent dispenser can transform any spray unit into a fire fighting weapon.  The Solid EF gives you the benefit of dispensing a wetting agent that acts like a fire fighting foam without the added weight and caustic nature of liquid foam.  This wetting agent cools the surface of a fire, ensuring it remains damp to blanket fire and prevent at-risk areas reigniting.

Parent company, Quik Corp, is no stranger to working alongside the Fire Service, and as the only company in the world with patents on solid and liquid foam dispensers, this product was designed and manufactured to provide farmers with the means to better protect their property during the long summer heat of the Australian fire season. With an easy to use design and 100% eco-friendly biodegradable water solvent cartridge, the Solid EF Dispenser is a vital asset to all farmers and land owners.  This innovative product can be easily retrofitted to utilise the high pressure from your spray unit.

Any dry season can present a fire danger to all landowners, so it is definitely an added advantage if you can use your existing spray unit to better fight these threats.  


Quik Corp Back Defence Charity for Legacy

17 October 2016

An evening of entertainment and charity all in the name of supporting our Aussie troops, the Defence Charity Ball was a fantastic event for Quik Corp to attend. Hosting guests from the corporate scene and Australian Defence Force, the charity ball raised funds and awareness in support of those who have lost loved ones during service, and face hardship after serving in the armed forces.

As a company with links to the defence force, Quik Corp recognises the importance of Legacy’s work and are fortunate to support this valuable charity. Quik Corp were thrilled to be presented with an authentic Australian Flag won at auction, with all proceeds going towards the Legacy fund.  The work Legacy does helps to change the lives of the families of those who have served our country.

Individually numbered and a very unique item, the flag was presented to Managing Director David Wardle at Quik Corp Headquarters today.

Hand delivered by the Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Jenkins himself who is on leave from Afghanistan, the LTCOL personally held on to the flag as they flew over Qargha coalition base in Afghanistan.

Complete with a full-sized flag folded into a timber presentation case, memorabilia coins and certification of authenticity, the flag will hold pride of place at the front entrance of Quik Corp's Head Office for all to admire.

Pictured: David Wardle, Quik Corp General Manager with LTCOL Stephen Jenkins

For more information or to donate to Legacy, please visit


Custom Integrated Spray System delivered to Gold Coast City Council

27 July, 2016

Another great example of a custom integrated spray unit built for Gold Coast City Council was delivered this week.

Our range of slip on locker units are manufactured to suit your needs. We customise the frame work to suit your vehicle size and work requirements, which means you get the spray unit that best suits you!

This is just one example of what we can produce and comes complete with:

  • 2x custom ventilated lockers with toolbox doors
  • 5TCE spraying system with 100m on each reel
  • 400L tank complete with baffle balls
  • Certified mounting brackets

To discuss your integrated spray vehicle options, call us on 1800 QUIKSPRAY (1800 645 688) to chat with our friendly sales team


Quik Corp Named QLD Business of the Year

18July 2016

From farming to firefighting, innovative agriculture and emergency service equipment manufacturer Quik Corp has been awarded the 2016 Telstra medium business of the year and Telstra Queensland Business of the Year.

After a stellar year for the company, including expansion into the Victorian market on the back of winning a large government contract, Quik Corp is now a promising contender for the Telstra Australian Business of the year to be held in August. Quik Corp specialises in highly customisable innovative equipment and is considered the industry leader for many projects and turnkey solutions.

The company has also recently released the greenPRO range of innovative farm implements to service the rapidly growing small farm and lifestyle market.

 Managing Director David Wardle said Quik Corp was defying the odds of the Australian manufacturing industry by focusing its efforts on innovation and excellent client service.

“As an Australian manufacturer, we are very aware that to remain viable, we must innovate and manufacture quality Australian-made products” he said.

Telstra Business Awards Ambassador Andy Ellis said "Quik Corp has an intuitive awareness of the changing environment in their industry. This, coupled with strong financial strategy, is enabling them to prepare for future growth and expansion. We have observed real passion and dedication within the team to servicing the customer. Their technical and business breadth of experience contributes greatly to the business’s steady success.”

Quik Corp would like to thank its team members, Telstra Business Awards, suppliers and especially our customers. (Read more)


Quik Spray Lasts the Test of Time

20 June, 2016

Don Roderick recently called in to the Quik Spray office to pay a visit and repair his remote control for the first time in over 20 years!! Yes that’s right- no repairs for over 20 years! After owning his Quik Spray system since 1995 with no troubles at all, he was thrilled to tell us how successful and consistent his spray system had been.

“It’s still working and this is the first time it’s been repaired. It’s never had anything go wrong with it. It still has the original motor which has never been touched. It even still has its original hose!” Mr. Roderick said.

Running a family property of 1000 acres, a quarry and a successful earth-moving business on Maleny-Kenilworth Road has been no easy feat for Don. The undulating, steep terrain has certainly been a challenge, with Don noticing that the hills are getting steeper and steeper every year. The Quik Spray system has been ideal for his property. “There are a lot of weeds between here and there” pointing out the boundary line bordered by the Conondale Ranges.

After hearing about a neighbour purchasing one of the first Quik Spray’s in the area at Belthorpe, Mr. Roderick said “we saw how good his one was and we bought one straight away. This was the biggest one we could get at the time, so we took the 9HP motor”.

With the strong pressure and remote controlled retractable hose reels, the Quik Spray has saved him time and drastically reducing his fatigue levels while spraying, eliminating the need to manually rewind the hose. “I did one season without the automatic rewind and that was a nightmare!” said Don.

“Ever since we bought the unit brand new it was bolted on to this 1976 International and it’s never been off!” The spray-dedicated vehicle has been used primarily to scale the steep, rough terrain around the vast property. The seats and interior were stripped out and plastic chairs used so Don could stand up in it to spray. “If I stopped spraying, the weeds would take the whole farm off me” Don said as he pointed out the lantana, wild raspberries and devils fig that had previously been sprayed.

Not only has the Quik Spray system proven its worth in the battle against weeds, it’s come in handy for controlled burns during fire season. Don was so thrilled with the high pressure performance of the spray unit that he even uses it to degrease his work trucks, simply by filling the tank with water and increasing the pressure.

 “Everything still works and it’s certainly proved its worth over the years” Don says with a chuckle.


Quik Spray Extends the Range

06 June, 2016

Australia's toughest sprayer now has the TOUGHEST trailer to match!

Quik Spray are pleased to release the newest product to our range of ultimate spray machines. The heavy duty spray trailer! Pefect for spray contractors and farmers, this trailer is built by our skilled fabrication team so you know it has the credilibility and hard-wearing factors that Quik Spray is renowned for!

Click here to find out more


Over $1 million on offer to manage weeds and pests

28 January, 2016

Local groups in the Dandenong Ranges are now eligible for $1.2 million of funding to improve native vegetation and habitat by managing weeds and pests, while reducing bushfire risk. 

"This funding will help local groups and partnerships here in the Dandenong Ranges to improve native vegetation". Local groups are encouraged to apply for the grants. The funding applciations  will be coordinated by the Port Phillip & Western Catchement Management Authority, for small, medium or large projects. To find out more please visit their website here

Weed and pest funding



Quik Spray Supply Spray Unit for Landcare 

Funding from Heritage Bank has allowed Emu Creek Catchment Landcare to buy another Quik Spray unit to control weeds that not only reduce farm production, but also compete against natural vegetation in the region. 
Emu Creek Group now has three Quik Spray units which are also used by other landholders on request.



2015 Budget - Great News for Small Businesses!

Machinery under $20,000 is now 100% tax deductible!

Joe hockey unveiled a $5.5 billion Small Business package to help small businesses invest in new tools or machinery. The Government has provided an immediate tax deduction of all assets under $20,000! 


Starting from 7:30pm last night, small businesses with a turnover of less than $2 million can immediately tax deduct any item costing less than $20,000.  


The previous threshold was $1000, and the tax deduction was claimed over five years.


The new accelerated depreciation rules run from last night until the end of June 2017.


Anything used for running your business: equipment, cars, tools, machinery........... a Quik Spray :). You can use the tax write-off on as many individual items as you want.


Stock for your business, office software and plants will be excluded.


Any items over $20,000 can be pooled together and depreciated at the same rate — 15 per cent in the first income year, and 30 per cent per year after that. If the value of the pool drops below $20,000, it can be immediately deducted.


Because it's only 7 weeks until end of financial year AND Quik Spray will give a 5% discount to any Quik Club member who takes advantage of  the budget announcement.

So now is the time to invest in that spray unit you have been looking at or upgrade your Quik Spray to take advantage of our 5% discount and the generous small business package the government has offered! 

(Quik Corp recommends that you consult with your tax advisor to ensure the small business package applies to you.)

Quik Spray delivers Custom Pest Spraying Units to Brisbane City Council

Quik Spray has recently delivered two Custom integrated pest spraying units to Brisbane City Council.

The units replaced older standard Quik Spray models and introduced complete integration and functionality for spraying, stowage and functional operation.

The company worked closely with purchasing and the operators to provide a solution that covered Council’s specific requirements and provided value added solutions, utilising our experience in the manufacture of premium spraying equipment and market leading body building techniques.

Features Overview:

- 1 X 12VS Quik Spray Reel with dual pump option
Custom built lockers for stowage
Curbside control panel for safe and central operation
Charging outlets for back packs
OHS compliant ingress and egress points with three points of contact

For more information on this unit and our complete range of spraying equipment please call 1800 645 688

Brisbane City Council Spray Vehicle- Quik SprayCouncil Pest Control Unit- Quik SprayPest Control Vehicle with Locker Unit

Quik Spray Unit provided to knock out weeds in Crows Nest 

Quik Corp, Crows Nest handing over a Quik Spray that is to be used by the Crows Nest Creek Catchment Landcare 

Click here for PDF version 



New Quik Spray® Locker-System prototype released

Quik Spray has unveiled its latest prototype  slip-on Locker System.
The unit has just returned from a demonstration tour in Queensland, where it generated a lot of positive interest .The new locker system is available in a range of different configurations and has a raft of new market leading  features, click here for more information or call 1800 645688 to speak to a representative.


New Quik Spray Locker System on tour



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