12 Volt Hose Reel

The Quik Spray® Model 12VS is a versatile "reel only" option which can be easily attached to your existing spray equipment in many different configurations. A perfect replacement for existing manual reels.

12 volt motors are not recommended to assist the operator up hill. For heavy duty weight bearing applications, please refer to our mechanical range.Quik Spray Model 12VS: 12 Volt Hose Reel

  • Single Reel with radio control retraction
  • 12 Volt 1/3 HP high power low rev motor
  • 100 m 3/8" ID "supa-slip" chemical spray hose (maximum reel capacity 150m)
  • 4m twin core flex with clamp set to fit to your vehicle 12V battery
  • Hard powder coated framework with slip on capability and bolt down plates
  • Option of high or low hose feed guide arm
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