Fight Fire With Your Existing Spray Unit

Protect your property from fire this summer with our SolidEF induction system

Designed to provide farmers with the means to better protect their property during the summer heat of the Australian fire season, the Solid EF500 will transform your spray unit into an effective firefighting unit!

The Solid EF wetting agent dispenser is easily retrofitted to any spray unit. Utilising the high-pressure water flow in your spray unit, the dispenser contains a water-soluble cartridge that adds a wetting agent with a foam-like consistency. 

The wetting agent dampens the surface, increasing the time that objects stay damp, meaning you use less water and prevent at-risk areas from reigniting. 

A must-have for every farmer during fire season!


The Solid EF500 dispenser is easily retrofitted to any spray system, using "doughnuts" that are biodegradable and environmentally friendly

  • Simple and easy to use
  • One doughnut is equivalent to 4 litres of liquid foam
  • Fits any spray system
  • Used by many Fire Agencies, National Parks and Forestry Services.





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