June 2017 Specials

Valid until 30 June 2017


Quik Flush® Pump and Tank Wash Concentrate

Quik Flush® is a low foaming and wetting agent that can be used safely to rinse all internal (and external) chemical components of  the Quik Spray® unit to reduce the damaging effects if agricultural chemicals, particularly on the rubber components.

Use Quik Flush weekly to extend the life of you  diaphragms, seals and  O’rings in your Pump, pressure controller, Turbo400 Spray Gun and your  Hose Reel Swivel. Quik Flush also extends the life  and Supa-Slip® hose.

20% discount applies to Quik Flush Farm and Pro Packs (Part No’s. 4226000 & 4228000)- Discount applies to all Eco Smart chemicals

Supa-Slip® Hose 

Quik Spray’s own Supa-Slip® Hose is a high grade nylon which is a polyamide bio plastic derived from vegetable oil which offers advanced performance and strength as opposed to the lower grade of nylons commonly used. 

The Quik Spray hose has higher operating pressures and tensile strength.  It is also more resistant to cold and hot extremes.  The additives in the hose mean it is less likely to kink or stretch giving it a longer life cycle.

20% discount applies to all rolls of Super Slip Hose (Part No’s. 3295000, 3296000, 3297000, 3298000)

Hose Stopperhose stopper quik spray

The Quik Spray nylon hose stopper fits easily to your hose to prevent contact with the gun and hose roller head guides. 

20% discount applied to Part No. 3250000




3/8 Hose Joiner 

Brass joiners that connect hose lengths together.

20% discount applied to Part No. 3240000




Floating Filter floating filter quik spray

High-grade floating filter used with the Venturi Fast Filler to fill tank from creeks and dams. Comes with floating filter and 7m of suction hose

20% discount applied to Part No.  2730000




Hose Fittings Pack 3/8 ID 

1x hose to gun fitting, 1x hose to reel fitting, 1x hose to swivel fitting, 1x stainless steel hose reel swivel and 2x hose joiners

20% discount applied to Part No. 3199000





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