August 2017 Specials

Valid until 30 Sept 2017


Quik Flush® Pump and Tank Wash Concentrate 

Quik Flush® is a low foaming and wetting agent that can be used safely to rinse all internal (and external) chemical components of  the Quik Spray® unit to reduce the damaging effects if agricultural chemicals, particularly on the rubber components.

Use Quik Flush weekly to extend the life of you  diaphragms, seals and  O’rings in your Pump, pressure controller, Turbo400 Spray Gun and your  Hose Reel Swivel. Quik Flush also extends the life  and Supa-Slip® hose.

20% Discount applies to Quik Flush Farm and Pro Packs (Part No’s. 4226000 & 4228000)

Turbo 400 Gun Packs

Constructed from steel with stainless steel and brass components. Features include spring loaded adjustable spray lever with variable spray control from misting to spot spraying and a trigger locking device.

The Airvac nozzle shroud atomiser ensures a very fine mist with excellent leaf coverage and reduction of droplet leak age when operating from 1500kPa (225psi) upwards.  The T400 gun is supplied complete with hose swivel.  Replacement nozzles available ranging from 1.0mm to 4.0mm.

20% Discount applies to Turbo 400 Gun Packs (Part No. 5173000 includes 1 x T400 Gun + 2 x T400 repair Kits)

Pump Packs – PA330 / PA430 / PA530
The 3 piston semi-hydraulic diaphragm pumps have been engineered for a smoother and quieter operation. Medium pressure pumps (up to 40 bar - 580 P.S.I.) and medium flow rate, in light alloy, compact design and fitted with mounting rails.
All moving parts are completely submerged in oil. Piston sleeves are made of self-lubricating cast iron; 2 piston rings for each piston are used to deliver high volumetric efficiency.
All parts in contact with spray material are anodized and the check valves are in stainless steel. For quick and flexible installation they are available in the following versions: VF-VC-VM-VS.

20% Discount applies to all complete Pump Packs for PA330/430 / PA530 / PA730

Aerial Spring:

Heavy duty spring that can be added to the base of your aerial. This allows for extra flexibility upon impact. Suitable for working in around low hanging trees and scrub.

20% discount applies to Part No 1032000

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