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I have used and owned Quik Spray units for 15 years. We spray seasonally, and in the past 5 months pumping 120,000L in a wide range of different country.

I keep the machine serviced and have very little problems with it. - Allen Ramsey, Casino - NSW


Received the Quik Spray unit and have gotten it going.

I'm very impressed with it, it is an excellent piece of equipment. So far I've only used it for four hours but have already sprayed several hundred square meters of large blackberry bushes. The whole unit is very well designed and though out, and lets me cover a big area very efficiently. When I was looking at spray units, everyone I talked to said that Quikspray was the best, and I can see they are right! Cheers - Richard Webb


"I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the spray unit we recently purchased from Mark at Quik Spray. 

I estimated in the short time we have owned the unit it has nearly paid for the original outlay. We used to engage contractors to undertake our spraying but the cost and their ability to cover the area required became prohibitive. 

The area we spray is hilly and steep, the ability to park the unit on top of the hill and progressively spray to the bottom then to be assisted back up is just great. 

Your company deserves a lot of credit for the quality of the product. The finish and thought has been put into the development of the 9TDE unit is admirable. It seems as though you are one of the few Australian companies left producing such a superior product. Well done" - Andrew Wight

"We use the Quik Spray to treat terrestrial and aquatic weeds within urban bush land. It's a great compact unit that fits on a small truck so we can access all types of areas! The Quik Spray is super handy to treat aquatic weeds in wetlands when we are waist deep in water because the retractable 200 metre hoses are light and super handy when we get stuck in the mud becase they help pull us out! It truly has made our job much easier. Thanks for a great unit!" - Jennifer Coleman from Dragonfly Environmental

UTV300 Weed spraying unit in bushland

I have always recevied outstanding service from your team and had minimal downtime whenever I've needed parts. I'm completely satisfied with the product and clients are too! The ability to run a UTV has greatly reduced my operating costs vs. 4WD and I can work faster in remote areas.

- Andrew Lilley from FNQ Weed Services

Trailer Mounted Twin Reel Quik Spray

"My Quik Spray is the best unit I have used. I have had it for about six years and put well over 900,000 litres through it. Most of my work is in the hills so I would be lost without it" - Paul Coman

5TCE 500 Twin Reel Spray Unit with Stainless Steel Reels

"This unit is used in the Torres Strait to control the mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus). Both of these mosquitos are vectors for the dengue fever and chikungunya. This unit is very familiar to Torres residents" - Bruce Crunkhorn from Medical Entomology, Tropical Public Health Services

Spray Twin Reel Locker Unit Testimonial

"The units are great! One is a month old and the other is just 12 months old. The Quik Spray units get used 7 days a week, and are handy having everything on the one frame" - Joshua from Rose Pest Control

Testimonial- Dowling Rural Contracting

"They're definitely a great bit of gear that's for sure! Very low maintenance and easy-to-use. Ours gets a workout for about 3 months solid from chasing Bathurst burrs in stubble on the flat country west of Wagga Wagga to briars and blackberries in the hills from Tarcutta to Adelong and Jingellic regions"

- Scotty from Dowling Rural Contracting

Customer Testimonial-Col Schiller

"Having an easily retractable hose and variable nozzle are the most positive aspects of the Quik Spray unit. We are contractors based near Toowoomba and covering most of Queensland" - Col Schiller

"We are fertiliser and weed spraying contractors. We all love the ease and speed on both of our Quikspray units. We constantly use it for 3-4 months of the year and it makes our job so much easier with little or no breakdowns.- Grant Brown

Why does Peter McLaughlan from Mitchell, ACT love his Quik Spray....

"My family and I are privileged to live on 85ha of magnificent Southern Tablelands high country.  We are at the very top of the Murrumbidgee catchment to the south and the Lachlan catchment to the north.  Our position in the catchments means we need efficient and effective weed control capability.  Our dated - but still fantastic - trailer mounted Quik Spray unit allows us to access ALL our terrain be it the steep hill sides or more gently undulating treed foothill country.  Either behind the ute fully loaded with 700l or the ATV with a few hundred, the Quik Spray unit does it quickly and reliably.  I think this is probably the main reason why we all find spraying strangely enjoyable".

"I have been using Quik Spray units for the best part of 20 years. I have found them to be extremely reliable, simple and easy to use with minimal down time had. I can't say a bad word about them".
- John McGilchrist

Rob Carter from Chinchilla, QLD said "Our Quikspray has proven to be an effective, productive and reliable tool in the war on weeds which drives better value for our clients."

John McCormack from Crookwell, NSW said " My Quik Spray is one of the greatest blessings of life in supporting and helping me with many aspects of work on the land. I have had my Quik Spray for 23 years and it's still going great! Some of the activites I use my Quik Spray for, include: Spraying blackberries, spraying weeds around gardens/trees, building and repairing fences, cleaning gutters, washing cars, trailers, trucks and all machinery  


Asked why Fortune-8 Nurseries Pty Ltd chose a Quik Spray over other spraying systems, company director Graham Fortune said:

"Dragging long spray hoses around the nursery was an inefficient use of our time and resources. We needed a system that could turn the nursery spraying into a quick and safe one person job. From the adaptability of the T400 Turbo Gun to the Reliability of the Honda Motor, Quik Corp’s Remote Control Retractable Hose reel system improved our efficiency by 50%!

The impressive and functional design coupled with the excellent sales service from Quik Corp has exceeded our expectations!"

Darren Pointon 

"Our spray unit is the bomb! Amazing rig and coupled with our Arctic Cat 700 HDX goes anywhere - Thanks for a great product!"

Bill & Sue Clarke

"We love every piece of the Quik Spray unit - remote control hose reel, the quantity of water and poisons it holds. The spraying takes about one hour every load and takes a short time to reel up the hose reel. My husband and I work hard and we travel all over the property. The Quik Spray unit every piece of it is a life saver to us.

Thank you to who ever made the life saver Quik Spray remote control retractable hose reel systems". 

Dan Mcdonnell

“My Quik Spray - An oldy but a goody. It saves so much time”

Bob Campbell from Hargraves NSW

"I love my Quk Spray because it's easy to use which makes my job easier!"

Aus Eco Solutions – Danielle Curnow-Andreasen, Field Coordinator

"As a conservation and land management company, we have endless uses for the quick spray unit. Spraying a range of chemicals to target specific plants, we use the unit to control weeds at various sites. We manage many grasslands, roadsides, wetlands and woodlands in the central western areas of Victoria.

The long hoses enable us to control weeds and water in places usually inaccessible to vehicles. The adjustable nozzles are handy and we change them depending on the weather, terrain and plant species".

Stromlo Equestrian Centre - John Guth. 

“You can be 100m from the truck, spray out a huge blackberry bush that’s 3 metres high and 6 metres wide, and get pulled up the hill back to the truck.
Also, we really like the way the parts department has helped us keep our old Quikspray going.  They’ve been really patient and helpful with us. 

The Quikspray must have been well made in the first place to keep going this long!”

Chris Sharp, a contractor from Inverleigh in Victoria, says that his Quik Spray Unit is the best investment he has ever made. "I got the unit about 12 months ago and I have not stopped since. I don’t even need to advertise" Chris says. "It’s great, for either hand-line work or boom-spraying. It is a great all in one system. It has definitely made my job easier."

Neville Pearson – “Mandalay”

“Increases productivity and attracts work for me which provides me with a healthy income. Clients are impressed with the Quik Spray’s ease of use. Ordering parts on a Monday guarantee delivery by the Wednesday from head office which results in minimal downtime. The Quik Spray is low maintenance cost”.

Weedbusters SEQ established in Wide Bay and Burnett region QLD

When asked why Weedbusters SEQ choose the Quik Spray system over other spraying systems Company Director Keith Carty said, "the overall design and functionality of the Quik Spray system is second to none and provides our operators with an increased advantage to tackle virtually any weed and re-growth situation."

"Over the years I’ve seen many different weed spraying systems used by Local and State Government organisations and in the end they all changed to Quik Spray technology. It’s simply the most efficient and safest design on the market and Quik Corp has a proven track record in building reliability machinery with great after sale service."

David Price, Colourwise, the Garden Innovators from Glenorie in NSW says "I am absolutely obsessed with this quikspray, I love its faithfulness and reliability"

Joshua from Yuruga Nursery in Walkamin, QLD "It is fantastic when spraying chemicals as it has such high pressure that the droplet size is tiny and the spray jet very far away."

Barry Simpson from Maleny Qld says, "I am delighted with the performance of the pump and reel. In rough country it extends the reach of the spray twofold and the positive rewind when the hose is fully extended, again halves the effort. I particularly want to thank your staff for rescuing me from my mistakes. The Auto electrician considered that the Ferguson 35 battery, wired positive (+) to earth could have been misleading!"


Leo and Sylvia Muller. We grow stonefruit on our 6 ha property in Bonville, NSW. First we used a knapsack to spray the peaches and nectarines (hard work!!), then we progressed to a misting machine (a little bit easier..). Next would have been an airblaster machine, but because the orchard was very close to the houses that idea did not work. Then we saw Adrian demonstrating a Quikspray unit at Macksville, NSW, and we knew straight away that was the best solution for our problem. So in November 1992 we picked up our new Quikspray unit at Adrians "factory" in Uralla.

For the last 18 years we used the spraying unit about 15 times a year. Spraying is so much easier and quicker and definitely has saved my back from major injuries. None of the major components; tank, hose, pump, reel or electrical parts have ever failed us. But best of all the Quikspray company has progressed into a very modern, friendly and efficient organisation. On a regular basis we get news and updates of their products and if i need anything the service is quick, uncomplicated and friendly. Well done and thank you from Leo and Sylvia Muller

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