About Quik Spray

Weed spraying is tough.
So we revolutionised the way Australian’s spray.

Quik Spray® is a premium manufacturer of heavy duty herbicide application units.
We are the most popular vegetation management control system used for
Class 1 noxious weed infestations in Australia.

In the beginning

Weed spraying contractors became
tired and frustrated managing long
lengths of hose, in rough terrain
and difficult conditions.

The sheer amount of wasted time,
energy and damage to equipment
while spraying noxious weeds was
taking its toll. So, we invented a
spray system to solve this problem.

The answer – Quik Spray®

A remote-controlled retractable hose reel spraying system, designed for heavy use in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. In the mid-1980’s the first prototypes were built and after rigorous testing in the field, were released into the market. We have been manufacturing the world’s first remote controlled retractable hose reel system since 1988.

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30 years’ experience

Over three decades, our range has been refined to suit many different types of applications and vehicles and can be custom designed for the end user. This has resulted in our reputation as the No.1 hose reel spraying systems on the market today.

Proudly Australian owned & operated

Quik Spray® has built a solid foundation in the agricultural industry by supporting local farmers, rural communities, spray contractors and councils.

Every Quik Spray unit is hand-assembled to guarantee our customers the best product and service possible. We control all aspects of the fabrication and assembly process, ensuring you get the highest quality product. We are extremely proud and dedicated to providing jobs to local employees in the manufacturing sector.

Our drive to deliver innovative products stems from our ability to adapt and provide successful solutions, suited to the core needs of our customers.

Quality, performance, reliability and service since 1988

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