15 of Aussie Farming’s Best Blogs

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It’s hard work maintaining a blog as well as the busy life of a farmer, but these Australian farmers do a great job of it and are definitely worth checking out.


Art4Agriculture is a network of young people whose aim is to connect urban consumers with farmers. They also share information about rural scholarships and their passion for landcare with young Australian farmers.

Australian Farm Institute

4Keep up with current issues in Australian and international agriculture policy, such as what Russian sanctions might mean to Australian farmers. The chat forum is a good way to connect with other Australian farmers and have your say about issues that affect all Australian farmers.

Clover Hill Dairies Diary

4Farming today is so much more than growing food and fibre. This is a place where you can read and share farming stories. There’s a great post here about sustainability and marketing.

Jonai Farm

5Jonai Farm is a very personable blog regaling the stories from the ethical, biological farming movement. Read here how they used social media to crowdfund building a butcher shop on their farm.

The Milk Maid Marian

6Marian shares her day to day life of an Australian dairy farmer to help all Australians get a taste of life on a dairy farm. Introducing her latest post with an excerpt from Kenneth Graham’s The Wind in the Willows, she writes in a style that makes even a story about a blocked effluent pond pipe sound endearing.



Milkwood is a community dedicated to spreading their love and knowledge of permaculture.

They run short courses held in both in Sydney and nearby farms, and provide free online tips and resources. Check out their short introductory video here.


8Grain farming brothers David and Peter Ricardo can tell you everything you need to know about grain farming on the North Western Plains of New South Wales. Here you’ll find everything from droughts to floods and grain storage to farming equipment reviews, like their new OzForecast Automatic Weather Station.

Nerd Farmer

9People who come into farming from different backgrounds sometimes offer new perspectives on traditional farming methods. This is a humble blog from a web developer experiencing the highs and lows of farming for the first time. He’s willing to try new things and write about those experiences and he’d probably love your feedback. With a blog description like ‘Technology. Agriculture. Data. Farming.’, it’s obvious that Jonathan will provide new ways of looking at life on the farm.

Talking Fairleigh

10There’s something we don’t talk about enough and that’s mental health in rural Australia. A passionate advocate for rural communities and rural mental health services, this blogger discusses issues particular to Australian farmers and provides links for mental health resources.

Susan Kirk

11Nationally published science writer, Susan Kirk’s blog is a great place to discover and discuss the latest research in farming techniques. You can listen to Susan here as she discusses food science with scientist-turned-entrepreneur Vic Cherikoff.

The Farm Table


The Farm Table is an online platform that connects Australian farmers, and others involved or interested in agricultural or rural industries, to information and resources quickly and easily in a user-friendly format.

The Conscious Farmer


Passionate about addressing the need to regenerate farmlands to thriving, healthy, food producing landscapes.  There are real farmers and graziers the world over who share my passion and are demonstrating amazing creativity, innovation, productivity and an understanding of nature’s systems.   I am sharing their tips, practices and stories to inform and inspire you.  I am doing this through THE CONSCIOUS FARMER BLOG.

Brian Cumming Agriculture Consultants


Brian Cumming Agriculture Consultants work with cattle producers to extend themselves and their business. Providing independent advice and training to all sectors of the Australian grazing industry. The sites blog publishes technical articles for those in the grazing industry.

Central Station


Central Station is a blog where the men and women of the Australian outback come together to share an insight into their lives- the good, the bad, and the dusty! Each week Central Station will be hosted by someone involved in the northern cattle industry, whether it be a station, family or industry employee based in Australia or Indonesia.

Little Brick Pastoral


Little BRICK Pastoral celebrates Australian agriculture through unique photos of a Lego farmer. Creator Aimee Snowden is passionate about connecting with rural Australians through photographs of cleverly placed pieces of Lego.

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