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Unit Survives 500m plunge. Fully submerged. Still works perfectly!

When the handbrake failed on his 1966 Landrover ute, John, was all ready to head out to spray for the day. However, what happened next delayed that job!

“I looked back with surprise to see the ute rolling away from me and through a fence. The ute travelled approximately 500 metres through the paddock, picking up speed as it approached a dam.  The ute missed several trees and landed in the dam at high speed with the spray unit still in the back”

You can see how much water had to be siphoned from the dam. The ute was a complete write-off.

1 week underwater and 8m deep

8 metres under water, John decided to attempt to retrieve his Quik Spray unit from the Dam. “I siphoned the dam level down 4m in about one week and then hired an industrial pump to continue to empty the Dam. When the ute was finally reachable, we secured the ute with chains and used a tractor to tow it onto the dam wall. The ute was a total wreck, (see pictures below) but I found that there was minimal damage to the Quik Spray unit!”

The Quik Spray sustained minimal damage, even after being submerged in a foot of silt and 8m of water.

Quik Spray steps up to help

“I pressure cleaned the whole unit, replacing the hose reel bearings and several oil changes to the motor and gearbox and cleaned the carby.  With the generous support of Quik Spray, the remote-control radio gear was also replaced.” So, after a week being submerged in water and silt, the Quik Spray was still in great working order! “I never expected to recover the unit in this excellent, working condition and I hope to use it for a few years yet, on our 350-acre property”, said John. John has been a long-term customer since 2007 and has been using his Quik Spray 400L single reel unit regularly for weed control, backburning and firefighting.

The Quik Spray all cleaned up, with new radio gear, donated by Quik Spray.

Quality and reliability is vital when investing in a spray system.  After 12 years of use and being submerged underwater,  John’s Quik Spray is a classic example of why we’ve been around for over 30 years and have earnt the reputation of building the toughest sprayer on the market.

Nothing beats Quik Spray quality.
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Safety and Innovation In Action

At Quik Spray, we acknowledge that standard equipment doesn’t always solve your problems. In fact, it can reduce your efficiency causing you lost money and time. That’s why we utilise intelligent design and meticulous engineering to create something unique to your needs. We take the time to understand the way YOU operate.

Safety is Paramount for your Operators

The Safety Cell is a collaboration between IVM Group and Quik Corp to create a platform that would boost worker efficiencies and provide a safer environment for them to work in high-risk locations, where foot-work is simply too dangerous and often time-consuming. Purpose built for contract sprayers, the Safety Cell provides a safe enclosure to the operators who are located outside of the cab, allowing them to spray road-sides in high-risk locations. This enables the operators to work faster and cover more ground,  increasing work output in a safer environment around busy road-sides.

Compliant and Intelligent Technology

The use of the Safety Cell allows operators to work at speeds of 20km/hr as opposed to foot crews who would only achieve 4km/hr. The compliant ROPS system (Rolling Object Projection System) is engineered to meet AS 2294 strength requirements and is completely ADR compliant. The Safety Cell is equipped for two operators with dual-sided access. It is fitted out with intelligent communication systems that allow the operator to safely communicate with the driver, whilst in operation.

The build for this vehicle includes:

  • Toyota Hilux GVM upgrades
  • 2x 100m electric rewind hose reels (Spray Max 12Volt reels)
  • 400L baffled water tank
  • Mounted safety cameras in the cell area, side-facing and rear-facing
  • LED lighting
  • Intercom headset
  • Storage lockers
  • Road signage and mounting

The Safety Cell was awarded the Corporate Fleet Safety Award, presented by Holden, from the Australian Road Safety Foundation. Follow this link to read more

Speak to us about your customised requirements. We will support and guide you through the design process to create the vehicle or platform you require.

Contact us on 1800 645 688 or info@quikcorp.com.au

Farm machinery tax write-off

The $20,000 instant asset write-off runs out in 3 months! You have until 30 June 2019 to claim your tax write off.

What can I buy?

Anything used for running your business! Equipment, cars, tools, machinery… A NEW QUIK SPRAY!

If your business has a turnover of less than $10 million, you can instantly claim the business portion of most depreciating assets that cost less than $20,000 each.

Make sure you purchase your new spray system before June 30th to make sure your money stays in YOUR pocket! Now is the time to invest in the Quik Spray you have always wanted. Or upgrade your current machine to a new model.

Quik Spray will sweeten the deal!

Ask us for a deal on any twin reel mechanical system. Use code word TAXWRITEOFF to claim your discount and we’ll knock off 5% from your order! Call us today on 1800 645 688

You can read more about the Instant Asset Write-off here. Please consult your tax advisor for further information on the criteria.


Astron teams up with Quik Spray

Safety and reliability are paramount

As an operator out in the field, you need to be able to deal with unexpected situations and solve challenges quickly and efficiently. You work in a harsh environment that is hot, dry and dusty so safety and reliability are paramount. That’s why you can rely on Quik Corp to provide products that help you thrive in these environments as an operator.

Working alongside Quik Spray

That’s why Astron Environmental came to us to help design and build their latest spray vehicle. Designed for use in the most isolated regions in the remote Pilbara region, Astron develops weed management and on-ground weed control activities through mapping and surveys. Utilising the right equipment that can stand up in the roughest locations Australia can throw at it, is where Quik Spray stands out from the rest.

GVM compliant = Safe for your operators

The vehicle is completely GVM compliant when fully loaded with all equipment and encompasses everything their operators needs while spending many days travelling through the outback.

The build for this vehicle includes:

  • Quik Spray 9TDE twin reel sprayer with 400L water tank
  • Locker and wet basket located above the tank
  • Custom aluminium lockers and bunded trays
  • 35L Waeco fridge
  • Custom dust cover to prevent excessive dust on spray unit
  • Custom designed boom sprayer

You can contact us about specific spare parts or technical requirements. We support you from design to operation in the field and all on-going maintenance of your vehicle.

To find out more about how our support vehicles and equipment will ensure you succeed, get in contact with us on 1800 645 688.


Fighting weeds for 17 years

Chasing weeds is hard yakka. Especially when they grow in the most difficult terrain. You know it’s going to be a hard job, especially when the terrain is rough, isolated and steep.

After starting his contract spraying business in 2002, Jim Stevenson was finding the challenges of spraying with a heavy rubber hose and manual reels frustrating and increasingly challenging. “All the wasted time and energy involved winding up hoses, only for it to get snagged halfway along, it drove me mad!” Determined to find a better option after successfully operating in NSW, he set a 12-month goal to purchase a Quik Spray unit and what better place to put it through its paces, then in the most difficult terrain, he could find. “I had been avoiding it like the plague. The steep, rocky outcrop was riddled with stumps and fallen timber and overtaken by blackberry. To me, this was the ultimate test for the Quik Spray”.

Jim spraying during aerial inspections, in conjunction with Liverpool Plains Shire Council

One of the best investments you can make 

“I could not believe how easy it handled the job and from that moment on I was convinced these units are one of the best investments you can make. I find that you can spray for 8 hours or so and still have enough energy left to go and play 2 games of touch football” said Jim. Now, after owning 3 units over the span of 17 years, Jim sees no reason to ever change the equipment he uses. “As with all machinery, there are down times. I have always found the staff in spare parts very obliging and friendly and parts are sent out very quickly. I would like to especially, thank Jeremy for his invaluable, technical support and step-by-step guidance on both occasions when I needed it most”.

It’s amazing how much you can get done 

With most of his work involving spraying Blackberry, Sweet Briar, St. John’s Wort, Bathurst Burr and Eucalypt regrowth, Jim noted that Woody weeds are on the increase in his region with the decline in sheep numbers.

“Sometimes it feels like a huge task and a never-ending battle, but it’s amazing just how much you can get done. It wouldn’t get done without a Quik Spray”.


– Jim Stevenson, Weed Spraying Contractor for over 17 years.




Summer Promo


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For the month of February and March, we are offering a HUGE discount on twin reel and single reel mechanically-driven units. If you’ve been considering a Quik Spray, now is the time to buy!

We guarantee optimum performance and reliability of our spray units through continuous improvement and 30 years’ experience serving the agricultural industry. We have customers still using original models from 30 years ago, so you know it works!

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Landcare CN Emu Creek PCCN Heritage Quik Spray Jan 2019 PIC 2

Quik Spray Supports Landcare with New Spray Unit

Great news for Emu Creek Landcare Group! They have been granted funding from Heritage Bank to purchase a Quik Spray unit. We’re proud to provide the equipment that will be used by all the local landholders and Landcare volunteers who dedicate their free time to controlling noxious weeds in the Crows Nest/Toowoomba region.

Spraying in harsh conditions will be a great deal easier, thanks to the new 9TBE spray unit will be used to help knock out woody weeds including lantana, boxthorn and tree pear. Emu Creek Landcare is ensuring everyone can benefit and plan to hire it out to local landholders in the Crows Nest area. There has been a huge demand for Quik Spray units in this region and this system will provide another avenue to eradicate noxious weeds.

Photo: Gwymac Landcare Group

Landcare groups deliver hundreds of projects annually through the volunteer efforts of local community groups, Indigenous groups, and the more than 5,400 Landcare and Coast care groups that make up the Landcare movement. A Landcare group usually starts when community members with common objectives notice a local environmental issue that needs to be resolved and connect to make it happen. For example, erosion of sand dunes due to mismanaged beach access or weeds affecting agricultural productivity.

More than 93 per cent of farmers are active practitioners of Landcare, each making significant contributions to the sustainability and productivity of our land and water assets. They actively work to combat soil salinity and erosion through sound land management practices and sustainable agriculture practices.

Photo: Noosa and District Landcare Group

Quik Spray is proud to contribute to the dedicated workforce of the many volunteers and landholders in the Crows Nest and wider Toowoomba region. The work by these valued community members makes a real difference to the local environment and is paramount in protecting our native flora and fauna.

To enquire about the 9TBE twin reel unit featured, give us a call today! 1800 645 688

Sales Record Smashed with New UTV Model

The new QR400 12Volt Electric Spray System has broken a 30-year sales record and is proving itself to be a must-have addition to fleets across the country and overseas from our international distributors in New Zealand, Canada and the United States.

So how did we get it so right? The customer asked for it.

After multiple councils, contractors and small landholders highlighted their need for a smaller, more compact unit with exceptional retraction strength, we set our Research and Development team to work. The compact base of the unit is designed specifically to suit UTV trays and will easily slot in between the wheel arches of a dual cab ute. As a result, you won’t need to have a specific spray vehicle and can even utilise your current dual cab ute!

The size was the most important factor in the development and that’s where we began – The footprint. Quik Spray engineered a unique tank shape that would accommodate not just one reel, but two because you never know when you’ll need to have two operators spraying at the same time. With a complete streamlined look, the tank has a built-in sight gauge, which gives the user easy visuals on tank levels. It takes up less room than a swag, ok, probably half the size and it has the strongest electric motor available on the market. How?  It’s a 12volt motor that we’ve beefed up with a high torque low range gear setting and a high amp rating. It’s like putting your vehicle in 4WD!

We have had plenty of feedback from our customers who are delighted with their new compact unit. The QR400 is perfect for small areas and for jobs where a heavy duty mechanical system isn’t required.

To place your order, call us today! 1800 645 688. Not ready to buy? Check out our events page to trial it at your nearest Field Day!
Quik Spray Man on top of tank

Keeping Your Quik Spray in Good Shape

Let’s face it – not many people are passionate about cleaning, especially after a hard day’s work. But looking after your spray system carefully will be worth it in the end – it’ll keep it working to optimal performance to help it last longer, and help you avoid contamination when switching between different herbicides.

Why it’s important to look after your spray system

Cleaning protocols exist for a reason. Spraying equipment contamination can be a serious problem and one that can be easily fixed if you thoroughly maintain it. Contamination is one of the main reasons you need to clean your equipment regularly, particularly if you’re spraying with different chemicals or herbicides at different times. It is also a chance to ensure all rubber seals are free from harmful chemicals that can cause deterioration. If it is not cleaned correctly, some residue may remain in the hoses or tank which can cause serious damage and decrease the life of your rubber seals within the unit.

General principles to follow

To make the cleaning process as smooth as possible, follow these principles:

  • Always clean the tank out and rinse thoroughly.
  • Flush out hoses
  • Don’t skip cleaning procedures and steps, even when if weather is not favourable. It’s better to deal with it as soon as possible and get it over with to avoid the risk of contamination in the long run.
  • When disposing of the cleaning solution after the spray operation has been completed, make sure you do it in a suitable location, and definitely away from catchment areas.


Tips on how to clean your spray unit

There are some golden rules when it comes to cleaning and servicing your spray system.

  1. Water is your friend

As usual when cleaning pretty much anything, using water (lots of it) is vital for cleaning spray systems. All water used must be free of suspended organic matter or clay, as some chemicals are deactivated when in contact with these materials and can cause blockages in your spray system.

While some herbicides can be eliminated with just water, not all of them are washed away so easily, and you’ll often need some kind of specific cleaning product for those. For getting rid of pesticides from spray equipment, water by itself generally won’t be enough, and it’ll have to be mixed with different cleaning agents or commercial cleaners. We recommend using our Quik Flush solution. Designed to prolong the working life of the pump and other components, the low emulsifying and wetting agent will rinse all internal (and external) components to reduce the damaging effects of agricultural chemicals, particularly on the rubber components. Make sure you follow the chemical label on each of them, as they will give you an indication of which product to use.

  1. Rinse the tank

Rinsing the tank is a step you can’t miss, as it is where most of the residue will stay. First, refill the tank with water and discharge it into a sump. Then, refill the tank again with the cleaning solution (Quik Flush) (this is usually a mixture of water and the corresponding cleaning agent). Once the solution is inside the tank, agitate it, and discharge it through the hoses or sprays into the sump. The use of Quik Flush in your Quik Spray unit will extend the life of your pump diaphragms, pump valves, pressure controlled diaphragm, swivel O-rings, spray gun seals and your spray hose.


Using Quik Flush in your spray system will:

  • Reduce the frequency with which diaphragms, seals and O-rings need replacement.
  • Reduce the “down-time” expenses associated with replacing components.
  • Reduce your frustration by not “blowing” a diaphragm halfway through that “must-do” job, (as often!).

Finally, wash the tank again with water and repeat the discharging process again. Use Quik Flush once a week, so that all Quik Spray components that come into contact with chemicals are cleaned and lubricated at least once per week. This will significantly reduce the ageing, “brittling” effect, so prevalent with uncleaned components.

  1. Check the one-way valves

When cleaning, you need to pay attention to the valves that go out of the washout tank. Checking the valves will help you ensure that your wash out water is clean and prevent contaminants from entering the tank.

In order to effectively clean the equipment, you’ll have to leave it in for a while, while agitating the sprayer. You’ll also have to pay special attention to the spray lines as well. Add one bottle of Quik Flush to 50L of water. Run on bypass for ten minutes which will flush through the pump and back into the tank, circulating the solution. From here, pressurise the system so the pump will push the solution through the hose. Open the guns and run the tank dry so the solution flows through the hoses and out the guns. This will ensure the solution lubricates everything from the tank, to the pump, to the hoses and the guns.

Keep your system in good shape

Cleaning your spray system is vital for the correct functionality of your equipment. No matter how well-made, well-installed or good-quality the system is, if it’s not regularly maintained, you will end up experiencing issues that can result in irreparable damage.

To place your order for Quik Flush, click here
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National Landcare Conference

We had a busy few days at the National Landcare Conference in Brisbane. We spoke to many proud Quik Spray owners and numerous group members that use our equipment.

We were absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback we received. A big thank you to everyone that called in to see us at the event.


To catch up with us at a local event near you, check out our Events page

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