Tractor System - 3PL

3PL Tractor System

Use your tractor to spray without using your PTO

The 3PL model is a tractor mounted Quik Spray® system, that utilises a 3-point linkage frame to connect to the tractor, without using the PTO shaft to power it.
With the added strength of the tractor, you can carry tank sizes up to 1000 litres with ease.

Quik Spray® units have mechanically driven reels so you will never burn out the motor. Our spray systems are radio controlled to rewind the hose at the press of a button, with a hand-held transmitter.

Ideal for agricultural spot spraying, the 3PL is also ideal for mounting booms to cover large areas. The heavy-duty Quik Spray® system is designed and built for heavy-duty spraying tasks, that not only eliminate weeds but helps you work faster and more efficiently.

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Technical Specification

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  • Dimensions
  •   9SDE500 Single 9TDE500 Twin
    Length (mm) 1700 1700
    Width (mm) 1220 1220
    Height (mm) 1350 1350
    Dry Weight (kg) 200 285

    For full dimensions and tank size range, please contact us on 1800 645 688

  • Specification
  • Motor: Available in GX270 or GX160 Honda OHV motor, electric key start
    Pump: Bertolini PA530 or PA430 triple diaphragm pump
    Pressure Controller: Sting 3 outlet pressure controller with gauge
    Power Source: 2 pin plug set to connect to the 12v battery
    Reels and Hose: Two hose reels with up to 200m of 3/8”ID Supa-Slip® hose per reel
    Framework: Steel base frame with 3point linkage. Available in powder-coat or galvanised options
    Tank Style: Tall UV stabilised tank
    Tank Size: UV stabilised tank options available in tank sizes of 500, 700 and 1000L
    Accessories: T400 spray guns (optional accessory)


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