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Quik Spray® revolutionised the way farmers and contractors manage noxious weeds, making light work of a once tough, difficult job. Our spray units are remote controlled, rewinding the hose at the touch of a button, with a hand-held transmitter, so you no longer have to wind in the hoses.

Confidence built-in

Every Quik Spray® comes
with Quik Corp’s commitment
for the entire life of your product. You’ll have peace-of-mind knowing we stand by our products.


Support you can rely on

Using genuine parts, our certified experienced team knows exactly what it takes to keep your Quik Spray® running at peak performance.

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Quik Spray® – Inventors of the
remote control retractable hose reel

We guarantee optimum performance and reliability of our spray units through continuous improvement and 30 years’ experience serving the agricultural industry. We have customers still using original models from 30 years ago, so you know it works!

Honda motors

Green and gold approved

There isn’t a better name for small engines, then Honda. That’s why we’ve partnered with Honda for over 30 years to match our machines with the best motors in the business.

The Honda motors pack a punch,and are designed to work hard from day one, so we’ve made sure it’s the right Honda engine for each Quik Spray® model. We use genuine parts only.

Bertolini Pumps

High quality pumps are essential for our systems, so we chose the best. 20 years of partnership with Bertolini Pumps has allowed us to use some of the highest quality pumps on the market.

This guarantees optimum performance from your spray unit, first time, every time.

Heavy Duty Components

When it comes to quality, we don’t cut corners. Our equipment is all Australian made, right here in Warana, QLD.

The framework is designed to withstand harsh treatment for heavyduty spraying applications
in the roughest, hottest, driest locations on earth. The heavy-duty pressed steel reels have rounded edges for a bullet-proof and operator-friendly design.

Supa Slip® Hose

Quik Spray Supa-Slip® hose is a high-grade Nylon, which is a polyamide bio plastic derived from vegetable oil, offering advanced performance and strength, as opposed to lower grade Nylons commonly used. The Nylon 11 hose is UV, chemical resistant and highly resistant to abrasion.

The light-weight Supa-Slip® hose, used only on Quik Spray® systems, allows the hose to glide easily around trees, rocks, posts without it catching or kinking. Burst pressure rated to 1000 psi BP. Suited to operating at higher pressures, Supa-Slip® hose is less likely to kink or stretch giving it a longer life cycle.

Radio Remote Technology

Our Quik Spray® units are radio controlled by a hand-held transmitter. Our advanced radio technology gives you superior, independent radio range, without interference between operators. Over 30 years in the business means we have weeded out the inferior technologies used by others. Beware of out-dated technology. Comes with 5-year full comprehensive warranty on the RCM module (radio transmitters and radio control box).

Customer Care

With over 30 years’ experience, we provide full technical customer service support when you need it most. Exceptional products and customer service, is what we do at Quik Spray. We involve our best people each step of the way. With a dedicated warehouse and service centre, everything you need is only a phone call away

Quality, performance, reliability and service since 1988

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